Beginners Guide

WARNING: Due to new FDA regulations effective August 8th, 2016. We can no longer discuss health questions, compare these products to combustible tobacco, nor say these products are tobacco free. Staff members are also no longer allowed to assemble your equipment as it would make us a “Tobacco Manufacturer.” We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


So you’ve heard all of the talk about Electronic Cigarettes but don’t know where to begin? Here’s the basic information you’ll need to get started. First, what is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a battery powered device that vaporizes a liquid nicotine. By inhaling the vapor, users get the same nicotine as they would from smoking a cigarette or another tobacco product. E-cigarettes come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations but they all share some things in common.

All electronic cigarettes will have two main parts. A battery and an atomizer. Let’s explore the differences you’ll find in these two parts.


E-cigarette batteries can be found permanently installed into a device, but many of todays devices allow for removable batteries. This allows the user to charge and replace batteries at will, without needing to be near a wall charger when the battery gets low. Most devices allows the user to operate at different wattages and voltages. Controlling these inputs change the temperature of the vapor, as well as the amount of vapor produced. Battery technology has changed rapidly as the e-cigarette industry has grown over the last few years. Stop in to the store and we can assist you in finding the right device for your aesthetic and needs.



Atomizers are connected to the battery, they contain a metal wire coils and cotton wicking that holds e-liquid. When the battery is turned on, the wire completes the electrical circuit and heats up creating vapor which is then inhaled. Tank atomizers are by far the easiest devices for beginner vapers. They contain pre-built and replaceable coils which require little to no maintenance.


Beyond tanks you will find RDA’s and RBA’s. These atomizers are more specialized and require more setup and safety. Both RDA’s and RBA’s require the vaper to build their own coils, and doing so requires knowledge of Ohm’s Law and battery safety.

What else?

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of the parts of an electronic cigarette, there is only 1 thing left. E-liquid! E-liquid is liquid nicotine mixed with flavoring, this gives e-cigarettes their uniquely crafted flavors. The Smoker’s Den carries many different types of e-liquids, but our most popular is our in-house brand Liquid Tempations. Stop in to the store to test the different flavors and find the perfect flavor for your palette.